The IKEA Plane Adjustment Hammer™

Did you know that many pieces of furniture you can buy at IKEA come with a Plane Adjustment Hammer™? If you didn't know this, please read on. The IKEA Plane Adjustment Hammer™ is usually found in the see-through bag of hardware that comes with your piece of furniture. The only thing you have to do… Continue reading The IKEA Plane Adjustment Hammer™


The Anarchist’s Tool Chest: Making The Carving.

I carved a book for the 10-year anniversary of the Anarchist's Tool Chest, published by Lost Art Press. In this blog post I show you how I made the carving. The idea that lies at the origins of this carving goes back many years ago when I had the inspiration to carve a book. Combining… Continue reading The Anarchist’s Tool Chest: Making The Carving.

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Chester Cornett: Retracing the methods of his cursive letter carving

One of the more peculiar things about some chairs by Chester Cornett is the cursive letter carving that he sometimes decorated his works with. The big rocking chair he made for president Nixon in 1973 has every back slat covered in cursive writing (Chester’s handwriting - but then carved). Rocking chair Chester Cornett gave to… Continue reading Chester Cornett: Retracing the methods of his cursive letter carving



It has been a little over a year since I started shifting my attention from sculptures and spoons to furniture as an endeavor to improve my lacking precision skills. In early 2018, I had set myself a deadline to complete several Acanthus leaves. But instead of completing this challenge (I stopped after 2 acanthus leaves)… Continue reading Reflections

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Welsh Stick Chair – Part Two

Part Two Please click here for part one of my Welsh Stick Chair build Let's make some sticks With the undercarriage done, I moved to the second level of the chair - the sticks and armbow/comb. Shaping the sticks took a lot of time. I don't have a straight tenon cutter so everything had to… Continue reading Welsh Stick Chair – Part Two

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Time restraints and woodworking

After dropping off the kids at kindergarten and school this morning I found myself having a blissful three minutes of free time before I had to head to the train to go to work. I turned on my timer, turned off my mind and sat down at the piano to practice the first Invention by… Continue reading Time restraints and woodworking