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Time restraints and woodworking

After dropping off the kids at kindergarten and school this morning I found myself having a blissful three minutes of free time before I had to head to the train to go to work. I turned on my timer, turned off my mind and sat down at the piano to practice the first Invention by… Continue reading Time restraints and woodworking


Dutch Tool Chest

Dutch Tool Chest In my endeavours to become a better woodworker it only seemed logical that I would eventually be making dovetails. I wasn’t intimidated, but it is a very different thing to make joinery than sculpting or carving a spoon, and even staked furniture has a more three-dimensional feel to it. We had a… Continue reading Dutch Tool Chest

furniture, philisophy

The Self-Taught Woodworker (Do Books Count?)

It has been five months since I decided that my previous work was too imperfect and too imprecise for my own critical liking. At that time, I pondered many ideas and decided I would actively get out of my comfort zone and start making things that I wasn’t personally passionate about but that are important… Continue reading The Self-Taught Woodworker (Do Books Count?)