About me

I am an artist who works primary in the medium of painting and wood. I make paintings and woodcuts, as well as sculptures and furniture.

I have a love for chairs and they occur regularly in my visual work. Geometric forms fascinate me as well and The Cube forms a central part of several of my works. I am fascinated by the fourth dimension and attempt to capture this in my paintings.

2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hello Rudy. That Anarchist’s Book is great. I am a retired librarian and woodworker and have been making “fake books” for a project I began this fall. They are not at all the works of beauty that your book is as they are not the focus of the piece. I make them with pine and MDF that I mould to shape. The project is a honorary book shelf to the works of Ray Bradbury. I have done four other book/woodwork projects over the past 5 years of so and would enjoy conversing with you about the blend of books and wood.
    I am a bit of a Luddite and do not use social media beyond e-mail. If you are interested in communicating let me know via e-mail. I am at david56@khdl.org.

    Here is a link to some photos of my first book and wood project:
    It honored Slaughterhouse Five and features a hidden compartment with a signed first edition. My artist brother-in-law did the diorama. It is currently at the Vonnegut Library in Indianapolis.
    Take care. Again, nice job on the book! And your wood-burning skills look exceptionally fine.
    David Lane
    Minneapolis, MN


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