Welsh-inspired lowback chair

Welsh-inspired lowback chair.

This lowback chair features a solid birch seat that is very wide (26”), maple legs and 16 shorth sticks. I painted the armbow black over red to make a nice contrast with the light woods used.


Six stick highback chair

Six stick highback chair

This six stick back armchair features a birch seat, oak legs and stretchers and 10 sticks in total, six of which are long and four short. I decided to add a fifth leg to the chair later on and I painted it blue.


Gibson-inspired medium back armchair

Medium-back armchair inspired on Gibson chairs

This Gibson-inspired armchair was made out of pine (seat, arms), oak (legs) and poplar (crest). Two of the long sticks penetrate through the arms, the others end in the arm or the crest. I painted the chair burnt orange and am currently thinking about a second coat of paint, perhaps dark blue or green.


Dutch Tool Chest

Dutch Tool Chest

I made a Dutch Tool Chest in France in 2018 whilst on holiday at a beautiful old farm in Burgundy. You can read a blog post I wrote about it here.


Staked stepping stool

Staked Stepping Stool in pine

This was my very first staked furniture project. I bought an old handplane at a flea market, the use of which was unknown to me at the time. It was able to make a constant angle on the side of a board. That gave the idea to use this handplane to make sliding dovetails, to be fitted to a stool top. All the parts used (the top, battens and legs) are from the same pine log I found in the woods and were initially riven and then shaped with a single bevel hatchet. before refinement with a handplane. The leg tenons are not tapered and penetrate through both top and battens. Interestingly enough, this is a technique widely used in traditional German chairmaking, which I didn’t know at the time.


Three legged chair


This was the very first chair I completed, in 2018. It is based on the design in the Anarchist’s design book published by Lost Art Press. I saddled the seat and made the chair with 3 spindles instead of 4. The front legs are thinner than the back leg. I used pine for the seat, maple for the legs and a naturally bent mystery wood for the crest. The chair was then painted black over red.

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