About me

I am a woodworker, born and raised in the Netherlands and currently living in Munich, Germany. I primarily like to work with hand tools but I am not a purist. Mostly self-taught, I have made a lot of sculptures in the past, as well as many kitchen utensils. I am currently making furniture (mainly chairs) and sculptures.

I have a workshop in the cellar of our house and a second smaller workshop in our garage where I do my stock preparation. My main workshop is only 7 square meters so my projects are usually small.

As a chairmaker, I am particularly attracted to the shape and appearance of chairs. Vernacular chairs from Wales and Ireland have been a big inspiration for me. Though I don’t intend to re-create their heritage, the influence of these chairs in my work is definitely present.

As I don’t make chairs full time, I feel connected to the people that made the chairs in Wales and Ireland that I treasure so much in the 18th and 19th centuries. These people were not chairmakers, they made chairs on the side.

Not having to make a living with chairmaking allows me to fully focus on form and develop a style that I can call my own, without having to make the same chair twice.

This freedom is what I pursue in all aspects of my life, be it woodworking, music or cooking.


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